Operational Assurances
NDC Performance
We are committed to providing a robust and reliable service to you, our NDC partners. Here you can find our quarterly NDC performance using transparent metrics. The definition of each metrics is available here

NDC Health Check Dashboard

Q4 - 2022
Key Indicator:
Red: 1 or less KPI target achieved Amber: 2 KPI targets achieved Green: 3 KPI targets achieved
Quarterly Results Total No. Of Incidents Downtime (Hr) Service Availability (%) - 99.50% as Target P1 : Resolution Time (%) - 100% as Target P2 : Resolution Time (%) - 100% as Target
DECEMBER 1 0.20 h 99.97 % 100 % 100 %
NOVEMBER 0 0 100 % 100 % 100 %
OCTOBER 0 0 100 % 100 % 100 %
JULY 5 12.6 h 98.30 % 100 % 100 %
AUGUST 0 0 100 % 100 % 100 %
SEPTEMBER 0 0 100 % 100 % 100 %
  • Principles
  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Incident Management
Sharing performance:
  • We will be transparent about our overall NDC performance and publish them regularly.
  • It will be at an aggregated NDC service level and not at partner level.
Monitoring strategy:
  • We have a 24/7/365 monitoring of NDC which triggers an incident management process when abnormal levels of API behaviour occur targeted on delivering timely resolution.
Maintenance of the NDC service:
  • We maintain our NDC platform to the highest standards
  • We develop new features regularly to enhance partner experience based on Customer feedback, which can be shared through this link on our Comms Hub here
Development Roadmap:
  • We publish our development roadmap which is reviewed weekly and updated with new features as required with minimum 3 months notice.
  • We endeavour to provide our partners with a minimum of one week notice of any planned maintenance.
Mandatory requirements:
  • Our mandatory requirements are published annually each January providing customers with 6 months’ notice to adhere to new or updated requirements.
  • We endeavour to notify partners of upcoming mandatory requirements within the release notes of new and updated features as they are developed, giving more than 6 months’ notice where possible.
API modification:
  • We share advance notice of NDC software update that may be a breaking change. We endeavour to give at least 2 weeks notice on our roadmap and we send out email notification to partner who have subscribed to our mailing list.
Test environment:
  • We monitor the test environment to deliver the optimal availability for our partners.
  • Pre-live environment is made available 24/7 excluding maintenance on a best endeavours basis.
  • Our latest functionality will be available in our test environment in advance of promotion to live.
Technical support: Partners connecting via a 3rd party should always contact their provider as their 1st point of call.
  • Integration:
    • All the support information for the NDC services published on our Comms Hub.
    • We provide technical support for initial direct connect integrations Monday – Friday 0900 to 1700 (UK)
  • BAU:
    • Technical Customer Support is provided via our helpdesk team via the support pages on the Comms Hub.
    • Offline Servicing Support is provided by our Global Engagement Centres who will action transactions that cannot be completed via our API’s. Details of the local contact details can be found on British Airways Trade Support - Home
    • For partners connecting directly we provide a 24/7 outage hotline where partners can proactively notify us of potential outages to the NDC service.

Incident Management - for production environment

  • We have a suite of performance targets, which are published on the Comms Hub along with quarterly performance.
  • The targets are regularly reviewed and any changes published.
Incident Communication:
  • We notify partners of outage information via a banner on the support page of the Comms Hub.
  • Incident updates are shared on the Comms Hub until final resolution.
  • Upon resolution of an incident, a summary is communicated in the form of an update to the banner including known details of the incidents
*Access to British Airways NDC APIs is pursuant to those Terms of Service acknowledged and accepted by you upon registration with British Airways. If you use a third party service provider to access British Airways NDC content your access is likely subject to your connection with them. These Operational Assurances are provided to supplement your use of the British Airways NDC connection and are not a contractual commitment between British Airways and you. British Airways reserves the right to change or remove the Operational Assurances at its discretion.



KPI Definitions

KPI Name KPI Definition / Calculation Target
Service availability Total Time - Total Downtime / Total Time X 100 99.50%
P1 - Incident resolution time SL Number of P1 incident lasting less than 4 hours / Total number of P1 incidents for the period X 100 100% of incident resolved within 4 hours
P2 - Incident resolution time SL Number of P2 incident lasting less than 8 hours / Total number of P2 incidents for the period X 100 100% of incident resolved within 8 hours
Downtime Total downtime for P1 and P2 Linked to the service availability target - Indicative
Number of incidents Total number of P1 and P2 Incidents No target - indicative
P1 definition An incident impacting business-critical services, affecting significant numbers of services and/or affecting a significant percentage of customers, with an urgency level that requires immediate attention
P2 definition An incident causing significant impact to business services, affecting significant number of services and/or percentages of customers with an urgency level that requires urgent attention