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We understand that the adoption of NDC requires overcoming some challenges and we want to make sure you have the support needed. Please choose from the tabs below what kind of support we can provide you with. Once you get connected with us, we will make sure your query will be looked at as soon as possible.

Do you have a question for us? Check out our Frequently asked questions to find your answer straight away. 


NDC Technical Support

For British Airways NDC Technical Support, please raise a ticket via our NDC Helpdesk.

NDC Technical Support is available Mon-Fri from 08:00-20:00 UK Time.

We can assist with:
  • Access to NDC services
  • API functionality
  • Error investigation and resolution
  • Fares and availability

We cannot assist with:
  • Changes to live bookings
  • Refunds or voucher issuance
  • General policy questions
  • Ticketing authority

If you are connecting via 3rd party provider, please raise your issue with them before contacting our NDC Technical Support.


NDC Offline Servicing

NDC Offline Servicing is our Global Engagement Centre that can action transactions that cannot be completed via our APIs.

Our UK NDC Engagement Centre is available 24/7 on 0203 564 4897.

Contact details for all other markets can be found in this contact form.

We can assist with:
  • Changes to live bookings that cannot be completed online due to an error
  • Changes to live bookings that are not currently supported via NDC

We cannot assist with:
  • Error resolution or investigation
  • Fare quotes or other sales activity
  • General policy questions

If you have any non-NDC related queries, please visit our British Airways Travel Trade for further support. 


IAG Booking Portals Support

If you require technical support with the IAG Booking Portals, please send your request via email to: support-IAG@JRTechnologies.com

IAG Booking Portals support is available Mon-Fri from 07:00-23:00 EET.

We can assist with:
  • Any error occurring whilst using the IAG Portals

We cannot assist with:
  • Changes to live bookings
  • Refund or vouchers issuance
  • General NDC issues encountered outside of the IAG Booking Portals
  • General policy questions

For more details on the IAG Booking Portals, please visit our extensive documentation and guidelines available here. 

Please refer to the list of contact numbers  if you wish to call IAG Booking Portals support directly.

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