British Airways NDC Registrations

Welcome to British Airways NDC. We have revised our pages to offer you a more accessible overview and simplified accesses.

What to register for and where?


NDC Dashboard Registration

Access to our NDC services is now managed centrally through the IAG Saleshub, where you can access several other British Airways & Iberia features. You need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for a Saleshub account, ensuring that you provide a valid IATA/ARC/ PartnerID/ AggregatorID if you have one.
  2. Once you have a Saleshub account, you can request access to the NDC Dashboard. Within the NDC Dashboard, you can:

    • Access NDC using a Third-Party provider
    • Access our Pre-live development environment
    • Access our Live production environment
    • View your API keys

Do you have more questions or feel unsure about what to expect? No worries. We prepared a Registration Manual for you to see registration actions step-by-step.

If you are new to British Airways NDC, please register for Saleshub

If you already use our NDC, please login to Saleshub and register for NDC Dashboard


Beta Environment Testing:
NDC Sandbox UX Tool Registration

If you have a valid British Airways NDC Pre-live environment access, you will certainly find the NDC Developer Sandbox UX tool advantageous. Use your API keys in Beta environment and test how API enhancements might impact your own operations.


IAG Booking Portals Registration

Are you an IATA-certified Corporate or Leasure Agent? Or are you a Travel Management Company (TMC) shopping on behalf of your clients?
NDC is available for you through IAG Booking Portals. Find out which Portal would support you the best and register.


NDC Communications Hub Registration

Sign up for NDC Communications Hub and access to commercial news, technical updates, and NDC service alerts delivered directly into your mailbox. Manage your data and communication preferences anytime. You can also sign up for the Beta environment NDC Sandbox UX tool and Product Update Notifications with a click of a button.


OrderChange Notif Registration

Are you an agent or a service provider directly connected to NDC? Register your Pre-live and Live URL Endpoints to receive XML notifications for disrupted events.
This service will allow you to easily service such bookings.

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