Customer Authentication in NDC
Activate the 3DSecure v1 payment flow for credit card transactions.



Fare Families Phase 1
Ability for seller to shop for negotiated or non-negotiated fares or the cheapest of both.



Reporting (OrderList API)
Seller is able to retrieve a list of orders based on a filter criteria.


Voluntary Servicing

Servicing Multi-City and Openjaw
Allow seller to make changes to a multi-city or openjaw booking.



Strong Customer Authentication in NDC
Activate the 3DSecure v2 payment flow for credit card transactions (mandatory from 14-Sep-19).


Acceptance of Lodge Cards
Enable corporate credit cards (with no CVV number) in the transaction.


Involuntary Servicing

Servicing of Disrupted Bookings
Give sellers the option to accept, change or cancel a disrupted booking on behalf of the customer.


Disruption Notification
The seller is informed about all involuntary changes made to a booking via an API.


Voluntary Servicing

Servicing of Held Bookings
Allow sellers, with a booking that has not yet been ticketed, to hold onto inventory of unchanged sectors when reshopping.


Name Correction
Enable sellers to correct passenger names for NDC bookings.


OrderChange - Split PNR and Change Booking
Allow the agent to split a booking and change part of it.


OrderChange - Split PNR and Cancel booking
Allow the agent to split a booking and then cancel part of it


Waivers & Favours
Enabling agents to request from a set of good will favours when servicing NDC bookings.



Fare Families Phase 2
Ability for an agent to shop and identify leisure fare product of choice


On Business Discounts
Enable sellers to offer specific OnBusiness fares to SME customers.


Schedule Led Shopping
Allow sellers to shop for specific carriers and flight numbers.



NDC Cabin Name Change to Industry Standard
Change our cabin names to reflect industry standards in all API responses (Economy, Business instead of World Traveller and Club)