We are pleased to announce the release of our NDC OrderList API. Although this is available for connection and consumption, we need to inform you that we are releasing this functionality within a BETA environment.

The OrderList Webservice provides IATA Accredited Travel Agents, new retailers and service providers the ability to view a list of orders matching as per the filter criteria specified in the request. It is built on NDC IATA 19.1 version and it will support Order Creation Date as the only filter criteria for now. This means that users can view a list of orders created within the date range provided in the request.

This service supports only NDC created bookings i.e. Orders created by NDC channel would appear in the response list. Orders created using other channels would not appear irrespective of the input filter criteria. There is no pre-requisite for calling this service, however, for the list of orders returned in the response, there could be a follow up OrderRetrieve call to view a specific order in more detail.

The service supports connection scenarios listed below.

Possible Connection Scenarios


  • IATA Agent (Direct Connect)
  • IATA Agent via Service Provider
  • Non-IATA Agent (Direct Connect)
  • Non-IATA Agent via Service Provider
  • Corporate (Direct Connect)
  • Corporate via Service Provider
  • Corporate via TMC
  • Corporate via TMC via Service Provider

The service provider/agent exclusivity rule is not considered while returning matching orders. This would imply that travel agents can query for a list of orders using any service provider and the results would be the same for all service providers.

Corporate/TMC exclusivity rule is considered while returning matching orders. This would imply that travel management company can query list of orders created for individual corporate.

For all detailed technical information needed to connect and consume the NDC OrderList API, please see our OrderList Technical Documentation .

Last Updated: 04-12-19



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