Last Updated: 24-04-19

Further to the communication from 2 November 2018, British Airways is communicating an update to the launch date for the new Tour Operator fares.

On 24 April, British Airways will launch a new UK Tour Operator long haul product called ‘Tour Operator Semi-Deferred’. Please be aware this product will only be available for UK agents.

Additionally, the name of the existing Inclusive Tour fare product will be changed from ‘Inclusive Tour’ to ‘Tour Operator Deferred’.

To enable these changes, British Airways will activate the name changes in its test environment for the 16.1 and 17.2 APIs from 28 March, 2019.

On 18 April, 2019, the changes will go live. From this date you will need to use ‘Tour Operator Deferred’ to access your existing ‘Inclusive Tour’ fares. This applies to all countries where ‘Inclusive Tour’ fares are available.

You can consult the following pages for information on integration:

For 17.2, please consult the AirShopping and OfferPrice pages.

For 16.1, please consult the AirShopping and FlightPrice pages.

For assistance with commercial queries please contact the NDC Service Desk - General Queries



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