Last Updated: 16 January 2023

Following on from last year's mandatory servicing features, we will now be annually introducing features that form the foundation of British Airways' NDC platform. At the start of each year, we will produce a list of features we expect partners to adopt within a 6-month timeframe, ensuring partners have enough time to make the required changes.

Please view the table below for the details on which features will need to be developed. You will need to demonstrate the full suite of these capabilities by the 30 June 2023, or your NDC live selling access will be removed.

Why are these features important?

All mandatory features that will be revealed each year are there to support the continuous expansion of NDC. By having the latest versions of our APIs and the latest features available, we know all our partners have the most up to date capability available, improving the customer proposition and ensuring customers are self-sufficient. British Airways can monitor the usage of each API version, so upgrading is essential.

 Please note:  If those requirements are not met, your NDC access will be revoked.


Will you need to re-certify?

For the mandatory features, all partners are required to certify the new capability. You will not be required to re-certify features that you have already developed, only new features stated as mandatory in 2023. In 2023 we have shortened the list of required features and taken onboard customer feedback.

The mandatory features for 2023 are:

Feature Specific
API Versions

Update to the latest version of each API to have access to better information such as code-readable fare rules and baggage allowance. The latest versions are as follows:

  • AirShopping - V1
  • OfferPrice - V2
  • SeatAvailability - V1
  • ServiceList - V1
  • OrderCreate - V5
  • OrderRetrieve - V3
  • OrderReshop – V3
  • OrderChange - V4
  • OrderCancel - V1

Please note: British Airways can monitor the usage of each API version, so upgrading is essential.

Within OrderViewRS an MCT breach warning message is returned following an OrderRetrieve call where there is an MCT breach. The seller will be presented with FollowUpActions. Click here to see release notes.

During a disruption event where OCN is received, if there is an MCT breach with the proposed alternative the only FollowUpActions will be “Cancel” and “Rebook”. Click here to see release notes.

Minimum Connection Time (MCT) Breach Handling
Potential Service Disruption

This allows customers to follow guidelines posted on British Airways Travel Trade to use the disruption flow for flights that have not actually been cancelled but are at risk of being cancelled.

Click here to see release notes.

How do you begin testing and developing?

Please contact the NDC Helpdesk and you will be provided with:

  • 8 User Cases
  • Potential Service Disruption Test Flights
  • OCN Testing Instructions
  • OCN Disruption Schedule 2023

How to submit your evidence?

Use the Helpdesk form ’NDC Mandatory Features’. Please only create one helpdesk ticket for Mandatory Features and submit all your certification cases within this ticket, either in one go or in parts. Your single ticket will be used to track progress throughout the process. If you have any queries or clarifications, please raise a Technical Question. All cases raised will be linked to your primary certification case.

What format should you use?

For each User Case, please provide a ZIP file containing logs of each API request and response, saved as a separate file per message (see example below).

Please include the Http Headers from your requests.

We recommend completing the user cases using our Pre-Live environment, however logs of redacted Live examples would also be sufficient.

What to expect from us once you have submitted?

We will acknowledge receipt of your submission and review that everything required is present. We aim to complete the certification of any User Case within 2 weeks from full submission of all required details.


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