Last Updated: 19-01-22

Introducing new mandatory features

From January 2022, British Airways is introducing a new NDC development framework, that will define which mandatory features need to be developed by our service providers and direct connects.

As part of this framework, when British Airways releases new features throughout the year, it will be clearly stated (as a part of the release note), whether they are mandatory. The complete list of new mandatory features will be released in January, and you will have up to 6 months from this date to complete the new developments. The features will be defined as mandatory when they are released, in most cases you will have significantly longer than 6 months to complete these developments.

From 2023 you will not be required to re-certify features that you have already developed, only new features we have released throughout the year. 

For 2022 we have defined a number of existing features as mandatory, please find the full details on this here.  

 Please note:  If those requirements are not met, your NDC access will be removed.

What are the benefits?

We listen to your feedback and want to make sure that all the providers we work with have the same features that we have. Features such as Disruption Notifications and Servicing Capability are essential for the full NDC functionality. By introducing the new framework, we want to ensure that these type of features are available to everyone.

Why are mandatory features important?

All mandatory features that will be revealed each year are there to support the continuous expansion of NDC. 

How do you submit your evidence?

Use the newly created Helpdesk form ‘NDC Servicing Certification’. Please only submit a case when you have completed all the required user cases.

What format should you use?

Please provide a ZIP file containing logs of each API request and response, saved as a separate file per message (see example below). For OCN use cases, we require a log of the OCN XML message received from our test environment, and then the follow-up logs of your actions and each changes as a result. Also provide a screenshot of how this is displayed by your application.

We recommend completing the user cases using our Pre-Live environment, however logs of redacted Live examples would also be sufficient.

What to expect from us once you have submitted?

We will acknowledge receipt of your submission and review that everything required is present. If not then we will raise this with you. We aim to complete your certification within 4 weeks from full submission of all required details. We will confirm that you have met the minimum standard required for servicing.

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