We will continue working with Travelport on the technical solution for NDC distribution throughout 2022 and adding additional features and functionality ahead of NDC content rollout.

The intention is that this will be available globally, however, this may be rolled out on a market by market basis with details to follow.

DTC will not be applied for Travelport NDC bookings but there will be a much smaller fee per passenger segment journey applied instead.

There are no current timelines, however, IAG remains engaged with Sabre to reach a similar agreement.

There will be no impact on future Roadmap and NDC Tech payments.

There is no need to take any action necessarily. This agreement will not have any impact on pre-existing connections.  Travelport has yet to implement its NDC connection.

We expect a large demand for registrations to access our NDC, and there are operational and contractual elements to connections. However, these are automated processes, so we do not foresee a waitlist scenario occurring.

Similar to other NDC connection methods, this has provided your TMC (or you directly) another option to access our NDC content.

Like other NDC connection methods, connecting via Travelport will involve a registration and an agreement to our terms and conditions.

This agreement covers all IAG operating airlines including Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling, however, functionalities and implementation timelines may vary.

Working on it ...