Last Updated: 12-07-21

On the 1st September 2020, IATA introduced Resolution 890x.

The resolution outlines the importance of following the secure payment protocols in NDC to ensure regulatory compliance, reduced fraud, and maximised fraud liability shift to the banks and away from airlines and agents. The resolution details fraud liability and associated ADM rights of airlines on agents.

In line with the payment industry standards, British Airways offers the Seller (3DS2) and the Airline (3DS1) Initiated authentication options in the NDC APIs to protect our partners and British Airways from fraud and to be compliant with the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

Please visit the Credit Card Payment Authentication page for any additional information.

Agents are required to work proactively in adopting the secure payment protocols to ensure that all card transactions are authenticated with 3D Secure.

This policy is an extension to the existing fraud chargeback policy and will impact any Agents using card FOP on BA’s merchant record. Agents processing ‘offline’ transactions and those that do not perform 3D Secure authentication for ‘online’ card transactions in NDC, are most likely to be impacted. In the event of a fraud chargeback, if BA are unsuccessful disputing with the banks due to lack of authentication evidence, we will pass the loss to the Agent involved in processing the card transaction, by means of an ADM.

Please be aware that BA’s policy on agency cards has not changed, and the use of agency cards is not permitted.

The updated ADM policy can be found here .

Resolution 890x can be found in the latest copies of the Passenger Agency Conference Resolutions within the Travel Agent’s Handbook.

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager.


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