Last Updated: 24-02-21

British Airways continues to optimise its existing distribution capability as part of its continued commitment to enhance its NDC product. We have an important update to share with you and encourage you to please take note of any required action.


Following on from our announcement on the launch of two brand new fares (Select and Select Pro) we would like to provide further details on how to shop for these new fare products in NDC.


We have introduced these fare brands to provide further flexibility. Select and Select Pro will sit alongside the current Basic, Standard/Plus and Fully Flexible fares and will enhance the suite of fare options available.

Next Steps

Please note that while these new fare brands are available immediately, in NDC, they will initially be identified by fare rules only. We recently introduced the ability to display fare rules at the AirShoppingRS stage via a PADIS Code (722). Further details can be found here .

A second phase, estimated for the end of Q1 2021, will see the introduction of a new Fare Preference Code (736), enabling you to shop specifically for the new Select and Select Pro fares.

Please review the detailed technical documentation found here for further information.

If you have further questions, please contact your NDC Technical Support Team or provide feedback through the link on the page linked above.


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