Last Updated: 26-02-21

British Airways has reached a transformational agreement with Amadeus which will allow the distribution of NDC content.

This agreement paves the way for enhanced retailing and innovation for consumers.

Today’s announcement means that travel agencies will be able to access British Airways’ NDC content through Amadeus. For NDC bookings, the DTC will be replaced by a small fee of £1.60, $2.20, €1.80, JP¥235, 2CHF for 2021 per passenger segment journey (PSJ) to recover costs*. For full details and T&Cs, travel agencies should talk to their Account Manager.

Alternative options with no surcharge remain available. These include direct connections, or content booked through the IAG Portal or alternative aggregators.

Please see below costing table for an example of a one-way journey of £100 (PSJ) between London and Paris.


Channel Ticket Price
NDC Direct Connect/ IAG Booking Portal £100
Alternative Aggregator
£0 fee NDC aggregator
£1.60 fee NDC aggregator
£101.60 (+1.60)
£111 (+11)


With the first connections planned for later this year, travel agencies and travel management company (TMC) partners will be able to access NDC content from British Airways and other IAG airlines through the Amadeus Travel Platform, including the Amadeus Selling Platform Connect and Travel API solutions.

This agreement is another milestone in British Airways strategy to embrace digital retailing practices and allows NDC content, such as Additional Price Points, to be available to an even larger customer base.

Rogier Van Enk, Head of Distribution & Payments in British Airways, said: “British Airways has been at the forefront of the industry on NDC from the start of the programme. It is encouraging to see key players in the travel ecosystem like Amadeus sharing this vision by supporting the rollout of NDC. This deal is a great opportunity to deliver more to our trade customers, including personalised content with greater transparency and additional choice.“

Agents choosing the Amadeus solution will be able to search, compare, book, and service NDC bookings.

Click here for a list of related FAQs.

Full details on capabilities and registrations will be available at a later date.

* The value may change depending on currency fluctuations and will be reviewed later in the year


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