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Last Updated: 26-02-21

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I book through Amadeus in the GDS, how soon will I be able to access additional fare content? We are working with Amadeus to roll this out to customers this year. 
I book through Amadeus GDS, how soon will DTC be waived on my bookings? DTC (Distribution Technology Charge) will not be applied to Amadeus NDC bookings but there will be a much smaller surcharge (€1.80, £1.60) applied instead
I book through Sabre/Travelport/another GDS, how long will it be before you reach a similar agreement with them? There are no current timelines. IAG remains engaged with Travelport and Sabre.
I am building a direct connection to your NDC APIs, do I stop further development on this to use Amadeus instead? This agreement with Amadeus has extended our list of connection methods to access our NDC content. Those who have connected directly will still receive the same benefits of technical flexibility but also incur cheaper distribution costs.
I am an Amadeus customer who connected via a Service Provider just for NDC - what should I do? There is no need to take any action necessarily. We have added to our menu of options when accessing NDC content however it will not have any impact on pre-existing connections.
What do I need to do to connect to BA/IB NDC via Amadeus? Please contact Amadeus regarding connecting and likely timescales.
Is there a waiting list for connections? We expect a large demand for registrations to access our NDC and there is operational and contractual elements to activation. However we have these processes automated so we do not foresee a waitlist scenario occurring.
Will this be available globally? The intention is that this will be available globally however this may be rolled out on a market by market basis with detail to follow.
I am a corporate customer; what does this mean for me? Similar to other NDC connection methods, this has just provided your TMC (or you directly) another option to access our NDC content
What registration/contract be required from BA? Like other NDC connection methods, connecting via Amadeus will involve an agreement to our terms and conditions. These will be similar to today but have not been finalised.
Are Iberia doing the same?  This announcement covers all IAG Operating Carriers. Naturally, as with other connections methods, functionalities and timelines may vary. Details will be communicated once known. 

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