Last Updated: 06-12-20

British Airways refreshes its NDC Communications Hub as part of its commitment to providing partners with up-to-date British Airways NDC and documentation. The main objective of the Hub is to centralise access to all its available online tools, providing clear and relevant information to a wider audience, in a much more accessible way. The British Airways NDC Communications Hub is available via the following URL:

NDC Comms Hub Homepage

The key recent enhancements of the Hub are as follows:  

  • Main 'Mega' Menu

    This provides the user with well structured navigation to enable a better user experience. There were many useful pages that were not accessible from the homepage. For example, 'API Information' on the main menu contains all the information you will need for API implementation e.g Roadmaps, Release Notes etc.


    NDC Comms Hub Mega Menu

  • Offer and Order Management Capability

    We have provided full comprehensive end to end list of all our capabilities for Offer Management and Order Management . This is accessible through the menu under 'API Information'.

  • New look and feel homepage

    As part of the enhancements, we have taken the opportunity to updated the user experience for our homepage. We hope you like it.

The key existing features of the Hub are as follows:  

  • NDC Helpdesk

    All questions and requests for registration, technical or other support can be raised via our NDC Helpdesk .

  • NDC Registration Support

    We have tried to demystify the NDC registration process by providing an easy guide to identifying the key steps to register based on your business model and connection method.

  • Latest Commercial News for NDC

    British Airways NDC news and updates will be made available on the homepage of the NDC Communications Hub. If you would like to receive specific types of communication directly via email, please let us know by subscribing here .

  • Capability Delivery Roadmap for British Airways NDC

    British Airways is continuing to develop and enhance its NDC functionality and you can find a roadmap of our planned deliveries. See our NDC Roadmap

  • Technical Documentation for all APIs

    All the detailed technical information needed to connect and consume the British Airways NDC APIs. See our NDC API Technical Documentation

  • NDC Sandbox Tool

    For an easy way to test out the British Airways NDC functionality, in a front-end booking tool, you can now use our test tool. For each action you take on the test tool, you will be able to retrieve the xml logs as examples to aid your development. See our NDC Sandbox Tool

  • NDC API Service Status

    An up-to-date performance status of all NDC APIs will be available. (Coming Soon)

  • NDC API Release Management

    British Airways is now providing detailed online Release Notes to inform our partners what functionality we have delivered or fixed. See our NDC API Release Management

  • Subscribe to NDC Communications

    If you would like to subscribe to our NDC Communications, you can click the 'Subscribe to Comms' button on the NDC Communications Hub homepage. See the Subscribe to Mailing List page.

British Airways is keen to hear your feedback or suggestions , in order to improve its support.


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