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NDC Communications Hub Launch

Date: 18/09/19

British Airways launched its NDC Communications Hub as part of its commitment to providing partners with up-to-date British Airways NDC and documentation.

The British Airways NDC Communications Hub is now available via the following URL:

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API Providers at the IATA Frankurt Hackathon

Date: 24/09/19

British Airways will be providing their NDC APIs at the upcoming Hackathon in Frankfurt, so that eager developers can come up with new and innovative travel solutions aiming to enhance airline retailing.

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Implementation of 3-D Secure in British Airways NDC APIs

Date: 04/07/19

In preparation for the EU Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) and related Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements effective from 14th September 2019, we have been implementing 3D Secure 1.0 capability into our NDC 17.2 APIs.

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New UK Tour Operator Fare

Date: 24/04/19

Further to the communication from 2 November 2018, British Airways is communicating an update to the launch date for the new Tour Operator fares.

On 24 April, British Airways will launch a new UK Tour Operator long haul product called ‘Tour Operator Semi-Deferred’. Please be aware this product will only be available for UK agents.

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