IAG Booking Portals

What other different Portals are available in NDC?
Are Non-IATA accredited agents accepted in the IAG Booking Portals?
Can agents service NDC bookings made outside of the Portals within the IAG Booking Portals?
Can agents service non-NDC bookings in the Portals?
If agents are connected through an aggregator, can they service these bookings in the IAG Booking Portals, and would they receive a notification?
Can agents redeem vouchers in the Portals?
Do agents need to resubscribe to OCN (OrderChangeNotif) if they are using the Portals?
Can agents receive disruption notifications (OCN) for GDS bookings in IAG Portals?
How do agents add IATA numbers to their Portals profile?
Does the IAG Booking Portals accept IATA EasyPay?
How many languages are supported in the IAG Booking Portals?
How many log in attempts do agents have?
If agents forget their password, what steps can they take?
Why does the Portal ask for an authentication code when an agent tries to log in?
Can agents add ancillaries to GDS bookings using the IAG Portals?
Can an agent use the same email address for multiple accounts in the IAG Booking Portals?
In the IAG Booking Portals can agents run reports by departure date, route, TTL (ticketing time limit), or similarly to queues in the GDS? 
How is TTL (ticketing time limit) flagged?
In the IAG Booking Portals can agents look at the seating map without submitting a seating request?
In the IAG Booking Portals is there a way for agents to look for fares/special offers information without having to enter passenger information first?

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