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Published, Corporate and Agent Fares

Additional Price Points

Point to Point, Return, Multi City and Open Jaw journeys

Ancillary Services (Including Seats & Additional Baggage)

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Shop for Negotiated / Non-Negotiated fares or both

Shop for fares with or without cabin baggage allowance in Economy class

   Information to make better choices

Agents are able to shop for Offers based on Fare type preference (Negotiated, Non-Negotiated, Leisure) by passing it in the AirShopping request. AirShopping will return Offers based on the Fare type requested, if available for the Agent. Agents then make a booking by choosing an appropriate Fare returned in Offer.

BA will be introducing a new PADIS code, 70G to enable TMCs to uniquely shop for and identify corporate fares. This will be a new way for customers to request corporate fares and will be available in Short Sell of the BA 17.2 APIs only.

BA will enable product upsell at offer price within cabin e.g. From a fare without a bag to a fare with a bag. This will be for all agents

To standardise cabin names across airlines in NDC APIs. Currently, NDC APIs return BA branded cabin names for BA flights whereas industry cabin names for other flights. This CR will ensure industry cabin names returned for all flights.

We offer a Price Guarantee

Offers stored for 30 mins and price is guaranteed for 15 minutes from OfferPrice response

Vital Information before you proceed

Accurate Fare Rules (CAT31/33)

Accurate information about forms of payments and credit card surcharges where applicable

Cabin upsell offers

Additional Price Points

Point to Point, Return, Multi City and Open Jaw journeys

Book your seat at a special prime sale price

Free or paid seat reservation for British Airways Mainline flights

Ability to hold a seat for 24 hours

Purchase additional bags

Purchase additional hold baggage allowance for British Airways Mainline flights

We accept different forms of payments

Debit Cards

Credit Cards

IATA BSP Special Cash

ARC Special Cash

3D Secure 1.0

E-Vouchers for flights

Residual Value Vouchers for flights

You don’t have to ticket immediately

Hold Booking Functionality (subject to fare rules)

Additional Services offered via NDC

Corporate / Frequent Flyer recognition

Commission for eligible markets and agents

Residual value voucher issuance when applicable

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