Last Updated 23-06-20
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The purpose for this roadmap is to give keep you up to date about what and when will be released for the NDC APIs and the option for you to provide feedback on the proposals.

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Ability to cancel a booking and to issue a voucher
 LIVE Date 23/04/20 


Ability to redeem a e-voucher


Return upsell offers for agents with private fares

BA will enable upsell offers to be returned in the NDC APIs for agents with private fares

In AirShopping we will return product upsell and cabin upsell of up to 2 cabins. In OfferPrice we will return single cabin upsell





3D Secure v2
In line with PSD2 coming into effect at the end of the year, BA will be implementing 3DSv2 in our NDC APIs. This will be a customer initiated payment authentication to be undertaken before paying for a transaction.




Change booking for Multi-City itineraries (Voluntary and Involuntary)
BA plan to enable change booking servicing for Multi-City itineraries through the APIs. This will be enabled for both voluntary and involuntary change booking.




Corporate Fare Shopping enhancement
BA will be introducing a new PADIS code, 70G to enable TMCs to uniquely shop for and identify corporate fares. This will be a new way for customers to request corporate fares and will be available for in Short Sell of the BA 17.2 APIs only.




Fare Rules returned in Shopping
BA will be adding the functionality for agents to request change/cancel penalties to be returned in the AirShopping RS in a code readable format. This will allow agents to display this information to end customers at the shopping stage. This will be requested by sending an additional PADIS code in the shopping request, 722.