• Q3

    Advance Passenger Information

    Advance Passenger Information (APIS) details can now be added to a booking in the OrderCreate RQ as part of the prime sale booking flow.

    Fare Product Shopping Enhancement

    Agents have new options and choices when shopping for fare products. This includes also Marine Fares, which is now available for purchase through the NDC.
    AirShopping filter enhancements include:
    - Cabin Preference at Segment Level
    - Maximum Number of Connections
  • OfferPrice API Upgrade

    OfferPrice API is now enhanced in the following areas:
    - The OfferPrice RS indicates mandatory items required for booking creation
    - Baggage allowance in OfferPrice RS is changed to return the allowance correctly, based on the number of pieces or weight
    - OfferPrice API's format is improved to match OrderCreate API, replacing the flight number with the segment number
    - To ensure consistency of API responses, OfferPrice RS returns SegmentKey with segment number instead of a flight number
  • Q4

    OrderChangeNotif Reason For Change

    Agents can now identify the reason for change faster, due to OrderChangeNotif returning a code indicating Cancellation With/Without Alternative. Timing Change will be released soon.

    OrderReshop Cooling Off Period Time Limit

    When booking through NDC APIs, we now provide a full refund for unchanged booking up until 24 hours prior to departure.

    Enhanced Fare Rules In OrderReshop API

    In line with other APIs, we return more fare rules information in code readable format.

    OrderReshop Pricing Change Warning

    A warning message will be displayed advising sellers of a changed price when requoting a held booking. This warning now includes the original price. 

    OrderReshop - ReshopDue Tax Breakdown

    When canceling a booking, the OrderReshop response will now return a full tax breakdown in the ReshopDue element.
  • OrderView RS Baggage Allowance Enhancement 

    Free Hold Baggage Allowance will now be returned in the Baggage Allowance List. 

    New authentication method for Disruption Notification 

    In addition to BasicAuth, British Airways will now also support OAuth2. 

    Reporting Type Enhancement In OrderView RS

    The Reporting Type element will now show where settlement takes place for the latest transaction. 
  • Passenger List Not mandatory for change booking 

    It will no longer be a requirement to provide passenger details in OrderReshop-Reshop and OrderReshop-Reprice.

    OrderChange RQ change booking Enhancement

    It will no longer be mandatory to pass the "Delete Order Item" element in OrderChange RQ.

    Enhanced FareRules OrderReshop-Reprice

    In addition to fare rules for “Before Departure”, OrderReshop-Reprice will return fare rules for “After Departure” and “No Show” fare conditions. 

    Reporting Type Enhancement OrderCancel RS

    The Reporting Type element will now show where settlement takes place for a booking for the latest transaction. 

    OrderReshop / Reprice RS:  Original OrderItem 

    British Airways will return a tax breakdown in the original order item. 

    Change Booking flow:  EMD enhancement

    OrderView RS - British Airways will return  "InConnectionwithInfo" element with a reference to the ticket to which this EMD is associated as well as a description of the EMD

    OrderReshop /Reprice RS: ReshopDue element

    British Airways will return a full tax breakdown including a new  Tax Nature code and a refundability indicator

    OrderReshop /Reprice RS: New OrderItem 

    British Airways will return the Tax Nature Code as part of the tax breakdown 
  • 2022
  • Q1

    Product Upsell Enhancement

    OfferPrice will have upsell offers on the same cabin in addition to the current upsell offers.

Working on it ...