• Q3

    Servicing NDC IATA Agent Bookings BA.com

    This change aligns servicing capabilities for GDS and NDC IATA bookings on BA.com. Before, bookings were serviced at any time as long as you had IATA agents' credentials. This caused issues where customers could log in, and change the booking without agents' involvement, which is not allowed. This feature limits the servicing capability to be only within the operational window.
  • New Refundable Fare Product (Phase 2)

    As part of Phase 2, agents are now able to shop for Select and Select Pro. The Select and Select Pro are new refundable fares that are available to book exclusively via the GDS and NDC. They bring customers the flexibility to cancel a flight and claim a refund, should their travel plans change.

  • Baggage Enhancement

     Aligned the "ApplicableParty" element within OfferPrice and OrderReshop with other APIs for bookings, where passengers have different or similar baggage allowances. Baggage information for weight-only carriers will also be returned correctly.    

    Fare Rules Enhancements

    All APIs now have indicators for refundability, change and refund penalties. They show fare rules for pre and post-departure, as well as no-show conditions.   

    Return a Passenger reference in FareList 

    We are now referencing the Fare Basis Code to passengers in FareList in all APIs.  
  • Q3

    Full Tax Breakdown

    OrderReshop API now provides you with a full tax breakdown in the refund flow. This will help agents to understand, which taxes will be refunded.

    Tax Nature Code 

    A new tax nature code is returned in OfferPrice, OrderReshop, and OrderView APIs.
  • Secure Flight Indicator

    If the indicator is true, the booking can only be ticketed, if date of birth and gender are provided for all passengers. This impacts the OfferPrice, OrderReshop, and OrderView (held bookings) APIs per flight segment. 

    OrderReshop - New Warning Message

    OrderReshop now returns a warning message, if the price has changed when requoting a held booking. This message also includes the original price reference.

    Country Dialing Code

    Country dialing code is now an optional element when creating a booking. Agents can submit this code together with the phone number.
  • Held Booking Update ReQuote Price

    If an agent wants to ticket a held booking, and the price has changed, it is now possible to update the booking with the new price without ticketing it.

    OrderReshop - Passenger Names 

    We no longer require passenger details when confirming a held booking.
  • Disruption Handling

    You now have the ability to change non-disrupted flights without any penalty, where British Airways anticipates a potential disruption. 
  • Q4

    Advance Passenger Information

    Advance Passenger Information (APIS) details can now be added to a booking in the OrderCreate RQ as part of the prime sale booking flow.
  • OrderView Baggage Allowance Enhancement 

    Among other enhancements, the free baggage allowance will be returned in baggage allowance list.

    OrderChange Notification Enhancement 

    If British Airways involuntarily changes a flight, we will return the reason for the change in a code readable format.

    Enhanced Fare Rules OrderReshop API

    In line with other APIs, we will return more fare rules information in code-readable format.

    Fare Product Shopping Enhancement

    Agents will have new options and choices when shopping for fare products. This includes also Marine Fares, which will now be available for purchase through the NDC.
    AirShopping filter enhancements will include:
    - Cabin Preference at Segment Level
    - Maximum Number of Connections
    - Shop by Flight Number
  • Servicing Multi-City Itineraries

    You will have the option to change date and time for bookings with 3-6 O&D's.

    Disruption Handling Testing

    We will enable you to self-disrupt your test bookings in order to support your NDC development

    OfferPrice Enhancements

    We are working on OfferPrice enhancements, which will include:
    - OfferPrice to return commission information for eligible fare products and agents.
    - Ability to request tailored credit cards fees by providing the BIN range in the OfferPrice request.
    - British Airways will provide more upsell options in the OfferPrice API.

Working on it ...