High level Roadmap

The British Airways NDC team builds upon SAFe methodologies with focus on product increment planning of all future releases. We would like to showcase commercial opportunities the upcoming periods should deliver.
As we enhance British Airways NDC, prioritise and deliver new items, we highly appreciate feedback our partners may have in regards to their own preferences. Please click here to visit our NDC New Request Form to provide your feedback on future enhancements.

  • 2022
  • Q1
  •   Released January 2022      Booking creation - Selling

    Fare Rules In Part-Flown Bookings

    When a booking is non-disrupted, you are now able to retrieve your order with Fare Rules not just for fully un-flown but also for part-flown bookings. Disrupted bookings are planned to be enhanced in the future.

  • Within The Same Cabin Fares

    When booking a cabin class, British Airways NDC displays relevant fares within the same cabin for the class you are booked in. For example when booking in economy a wider range of options in economy will be shown.

    Payments Authorised By Agents (3D Secure)

    British Airways NDC will display the correct indicator for Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) transactions allowing agents to authorise offline payments.
  • Rerouting - Destination (Ticketed Bookings)

    British Airways NDC will offer the ability to change destination of a ticketed booking. Further improvements will be done to rerouting in Future Releases.

    Fare And Tax Disclosure

    British Airways NDC shall provide detailed fare and tax information for each offer during servicing stage. This is to match information already provided in the shopping stage.

    Cancellations And Refunds In Part-Flown Bookings

    In part-flown bookings, the process to cancel a request and receive a full refund will be further enhanced to enable more orders to be processed through NDC APIs. 
  • Q2
  • Minimum Connection Time (MCT) Enhancement

    To ensure the best experience, British Airways NDC is strengthening conditions to avoid bookings with Minimum Connection Times (MCT). This includes enhanced warning messages when there is an MCT breach, alongside with new restrictions to limit MCT breached bookings being accepted. The warning message will appear before the booking is made.
  • Rerouting-Destination (Ticketed Booking)

    Partners now have the ability to change the destination of itineraries via the NDC APIs.
  • Q3
  • Booking Change For Potentially Disrupted Flights

    British Airways NDC will add a new feature, which will identify flights where a disruption will likely occur, and offer it's Partners the option to proactively change or cancel free of charge.
  • Fare Branding Enhancements In Selling Flows

    British Airways NDC will enhance consistency of brand and product name information within API Selling flows. 
  • Fare Branding Enhancements In Servicing Flows

    British Airways NDC will enhance consistency of brand and product name information within API Servicing flows. 

    Follow Up Action For Minimum Connection Time (MCT) Breached Bookings

    Advancing the recent enhancement related to MCT breached bookings, British Airways NDC will display a follow-up action with available options when notifying about a change to a booking with (planned or operational) disrupted events.

    Booking Class During Involuntary Servicing

    British Airways NDC will return the booking class in its response for involuntary scenarios as well.
  • Card Details By Bank Identification Number (BIN) Range

    This enhancement will enable British Airways NDC Partners to pass card details in advance, at the offer pricing stage, and NDC will display the existing card charge information. 
  • Ancillaries For Unticketed Bookings

    British Airways NDC will support other ancillaries (in addition to seats) for unticketed bookings. This enhancement will (in stages) lead to accommodating the ability of adding held baggage of unticketed orders.

    Ancillary Service Status

    When retrieving a booking, British Airways NDC will detail a Service status code for all the ancillaries (disability assistance, booked seats, baggage or meals).

    Rerouting-Origin (Ticketed Booking)

    Further enhancements to British Airways NDC Rerouting proposition will enable Partners to change the origin of the British Airways NDC ticketed bookings.

    Link Between The Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) And The Service

    Servicing flows will be modified to detail the associated service reference to the Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) for all paid British Airways NDC products.

    Payment Options Based On Card Bank Identification Number (BIN) Range

    This improvement will enable NDC Partners to pass card details and British Airways NDC will display the existing card charge information when requoting a held booking.  
  • Unpaid Excess Bags For NDC Bookings (Selling)

    British Airways NDC will enable it's Partners to create a Held Booking with flights and unpaid excess bags. 

  • Rerouting Of Part-Flown Bookings

    In the series of Rerouting capability enhancements, this release will support changing un-flown segments of part-flown bookings.

    Unpaid Excess Bags For Held Bookings (Servicing) 

    British Airways NDC Partners will be able to confirm a Held Booking with unpaid excess bags. 

  • Future Releases

    Below listed enhancements, which we are planning to implement. We will be grateful for your feedback, which you can provide through this link .

    • Rerouting - further enhancements to allow for different rerouting scenarios 
    • Change Booking latency - improvements of Change Booking response times
    • Ancillary latency -  improvements to Ancillary handling response times
    • Servicing of multi-city journeys up to 6 origin destinations
    • India Goods and Services Tax (GST) - this will provide GST information
    • Free Change on the day - removing charges when changes are made on the same day of departure
    • Servicing of Bookings with involuntary timing changes
    • OnBusiness Fare Product

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